We are all tied by the thread of dreams.

RadioEight is an interactive soundtrack to the
subconscious world of children. Let's begin.

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RadioEight lives at the intersection of audio documentary and interactive to offer an alternate measure of our condition on the planet: the subconscious dreams of the world’s children. Inspired by the concept of an 8th continent to which all children belong, RadioEight is an interactive soundscape dedicated to the hidden world of dreams.

By exploring the world of subconscious childhood dreams, RadioEight unlocks deep human connections that eliminate the barriers of geography, culture, language, politics, and economic status.

Our project is centered on the dreams of children 7–13 as a developmental time when children begin to turn their focus away from their family, to the world beyond.

The visions of earth’s youngest global citizens provide raw, moving answers toward creating a more emotionally connected humanity.

RadioEight was conceived and created by Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore of Yonder, and made in collaboration with Belle & Wissell, Co. Original music by Jesse Solomon Clark.

The Nepali children’s voices heard here were recorded just hours before the April 25th earthquake in Kathmandu, which displaced tens of thousands, killing nearly nine thousand. Please consider making a donation to provide assistance for rebuilding efforts.


RadioEight visited schools and orphanages in Nepal, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Seattle. Though we edited them for brevity, the accounts are entirely unscripted and unprompted.

To submit your dream, email: submissions@radioeight.net

Please remember: This experience is intended for all ages. All content must be appropriate for children.

Download our submissions guide (pdf).

If you are affiliated with a school or other children's organization and would like to participate in the project, please contact us and we can assist you with recording needs.


RadioEight content is also available as a podcast. Themed episodes feature selections of related dreams, and can be experienced in either video (for subtitling) or audio-only formats.

Podcast episodes can be accessed by visiting:

iTunes—available on desktop computers and Apple tablets and smartphones

m.radioeight.net—available to be streamed or downloaded onto tablets and smartphones

RadioEight Music

This web experience features original music composed by Jesse Solomon Clark. Listen to and download the album at radioeight.bandcamp.com.

The recordings of Nepali children on RadioEight were taken on April 25th, only hours before a magnitude 7 earthquake struck Kathmandu. A second earthquake—of equal intensity—followed in May. The RadioEight album is available for free; we suggest a donation to the Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fund in exchange for the original compositions. Save the Children has worked in Nepal for nearly 40 years, and provides much-needed aid in the wake of this crisis.


RadioEight was conceived and created by Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore of Yonder, and made in collaboration with Belle & Wissell, Co. Original music and sound design by Jesse Solomon Clark.

Support for this project was provided by:
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Original Concept & Creative Direction:
Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore
Designers: Gabe Kean, Edrea Lita, Eric Harvey
Original Music Composition: Jesse Solomon Clark
Sound Design: Jesse Solomon Clark & Mark Bashore
Ambient World Field Recordings:
Jesse Solomon Clark, Katrina Crawford, Mark Bashore, Colman Bashore
Dream Recordings: Katrina Crawford, Koji Minami, Frehiwot Belete, Nasser Ferej, Ayatam Simenh, Prakash Sharma, Ritesh Hada, Nikita Baiju, and Sujan K.C.
Developers: Scott Thiessen, Ed Tang, Alex Maurouard
Studio Coordinator: Natalie Karbelnig

Thank You

A huge thank you to
the following partners who were instrumental in recording children across the globe.

Eric Stowe and Stephen Jones

Splash (Ethiopia):
Frehiwot Belete, Nasser Ferej, and Ayatam Simenh

Splash (Nepal):
Prakash Sharma, Ritesh Hada, Nikita Baiju, and Sujan K.C.

Antipodes Collective (Cambodia):
Lauren Iida and Koji Minami

Thank you Alex Schill for your conceptual support and Lisa for your enthusiasm.

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